MI Classroom Heroes Grant

MI Classroom Heroes Grant
Posted on 03/18/2021
MI Classroom Heroes Grant
To: All North Huron Schools Staff
From: Tina Toner
Date: March 18, 2021
RE: Michigan Department of Treasury MI Classroom Heroes Grant


On December 29, 2020, Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed Public Act 257 of 2020, providing $2.5 million to GSRP, Headstart, special education for individuals 18-26 and adult education teachers who teach in a school district. The grant will come directly to the eligible staff members from the Treasury, and is not part of any employee’s North Huron School compensation, the collective bargaining agreement, or your regular wages. It is not subject to retirement reporting to MPSERS and does not count towards earning limitations for retirees. The Treasury will require information from the district as well as from individual employees before the grant may be paid.


We have obtained a list of eligible GSRP, Headstart, Adult Education and Young Adult Special Education Teachers from the REP Report classifications. We are sending the COVID-19 Grants Certification Form 5741 to teachers who may be eligible along with your full-time equivalency (FTE) calculation on or before March 19, 2021. Those employees who are on Treasury’s list and verified as possibly eligible by North Huron Schools will receive an email containing COVID-19 Grant Program Teacher Certification (Form 5741). Employees must fill out this form and return it to the Business Office no later than April 9, 2021. No reminder will be sent and no forms will be accepted after that date.
With the information currently available, we do not believe all employees will qualify for the grant. If you qualified for the original (TSSC-19) you will not be eligible for this second grant.


If you do not receive Form 5741, and you feel you should be eligible for the grant, you may appeal in writing to this office on or before April 9, 2021. Eligible staff must meet and certify the following qualifications:


Classroom Teacher - Defined as a full-time or part-time GSRP, Head Start, adult education and young adult (ages 18-26) special education teachers who provided continuity of learning to students during the 2019-2020 period of school closure that resulted from COVID-19.