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This page contains useful and informational links for parents.

Michigan Department of Education (MDE) encourages parents to check out Internet Options for Low Income Families at 
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Keep Your Children Safe from Adult Advertisements

Have you heard of the ProtectMIChild Registry?

An initiative of the Michigan Secretary of State, the ProtectMIChild Registry is used by families and schools to protect children by blocking adult-oriented ads for products such as alcohol, tobacco, pornography and online gambling. By registering for this free service, these ads can be blocked from reaching a child’s email inbox, tablet, cell phone, or instant messenger IDs.

The registry will block adult Internet ads for three years or until the youngest child with access to the contact point reaches 18 years old. Companies that send messages that advertise or link to prohibited products or services are required to remove the registered contact email, phone number or IM within 30 days from their mailing lists. Registrations may be renewed at any time for an additional three-year period.

To register, visit   

Common Sense Media and Graphite offer great reviews and ratings on apps, websites, and games.  They also provide information for parents and teachers on ways to keep students safe online.