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North Huron School is asking that parents/guardians complete a short survey to help district staff determine how many families would be able to access learning materials for their children via the internet during this unprecedented time which will require remote learning for students.

Please complete the survey at the link below  by Tuesday, April 7.

North Huron School has gathered sites and resources to help our students continue learning while at home.

Please click HERE to use this as a resource to find reviewed and easy to access resources.

COVID-19 School Closure Update of April 3

North Huron School Families – since the Governor’s announcement of Executive Order 2020-35 which outlines the requirements for schools to close buildings for the remainder of this school year, we now know that face to face instruction is no longer an option.  Even though school buildings are closed, we are still being required to deliver remote learning to our students.  We have been working to create a framework under which that will happen. Initially we will be asking each family to complete a technology survey so that we can assess if families have the access in their homes that would be needed for online learning.   It will be posted on the webpage and Facebook page. Please complete the survey by Tuesday, April 7. Starting next week, the GSRP and K-5 teachers will begin connecting with parents with a “conference” style call to talk about student progress through March 13 and discuss the skills each student needs to work on improving so that they are as prepared as possible to start the next school year. These skills will focus on basic “Reading, Writing and Arithmetic” to keep things simple for families and will be individualized based on each child’s needs. We will follow a similar process for 6-11 grade students once more details are worked out.  We understand that there will be many challenges and bumps along the way, however it is our hope to continue engaging parents throughout this process as we need to support one another in order to have the best outcomes for children.

2nd Round Food Need Survey

Due to the extended school closure and the number of businesses that are either reducing workers' hours or laying employees off, North Huron is conducting another survey to see if there are families who initially did not feel that they needed the meals from the school for their children during this time, but now due to changing circumstances have a need for the meals. Families who signed up in the first survey do not need to complete this second survey.  Please use the form below to help us gather the information that we need in order to provide this service. The information you share will only be seen by a limited number of NHS staff who are helping with this process. Know that we respect your privacy and the information will be treated confidentially.  The food will be packaged for each family based on the number of children in your household who are 18 years old or younger (recipients do not need to be enrolled in North Huron School to receive food). You can expect that the meals will be of a grab-n-go type both for breakfast and lunch. Meals will be available for pick-up on Wednesdays from 1-3 p.m. Those people who complete the survey by March 30 will have food available to pick up on Wednesday April 8. A Skylert message reminding families of the food pick-up will go out on Tuesday of each week.  Please know that this is a very fluid plan and may be subject to changes either because of availability of food items, or new directives coming from the state or federal government that would change the District's ability to provide food. This service may need to be adjusted based on any of these factors as we move forward. We will keep families informed via Facebook, the district website ( and SKYLERT messages as information becomes available. 

Questions regarding this survey can be directed by text message to 989.553.4124.  Click on survey link below.

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